Thursday, May 25, 2006


Bubbles like to stretch out when the weather gets hot. It makes for cute pictures.


Emma's Kat said...

Hi Bubbles! I love Bubbles, Cecelia! Are we showing a little favoritism towards Bubbles? We've been seeing a lot of him lately. Huh? Huh?! j/k! Love the markings on his front leg! And on his face, okay I love Bubbles markings! lol I'll stop now.

Cecilia said...

Ha, ha. Yes he is my little baby. He is very loving and if possible he loves me even more than I love him. Maybe it is b'cause he was a stray and in really bad shape when I took him in. Now he lives in the lap of luxury and is very spoiled!

Emma's Kat said...

How old is Bubbles? I would love to post him on Kat's Cat and Mrs. B too! Let me know or send pix to my yahoo address. Take care!