Sunday, September 09, 2007

It's my Birthday!

Hello all. It's me Madness. And today I'm one whole year old! Can you believe that! And so is my brother Dobby!

OK, so we don't know exactly what day we were born, but the vet said it was one year ago today, so I'm sticking to my story.

Well, we are still all doing well. Me and Bubbles like hanging our in the courtyard and I hide under this big plant and plan attacks on all the lizzies that live around there. Bubbles catches lots of mice and sometimes he even lets me play with them. Mrs. B is also fine. She stays inside and plans attacks on my food bowl.

Well, it was nice to chat with you all again. We wish Mom would update more often, but she is just too lazy (oh sorry "busy"). Bye for now.