Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm not Dead

Hello internets. I hope these pictures did not scare you friends. I'm not dead. Just relaxing. I'm sorry we don't blog much anymore. It's all Moms fault, so berate her.

We are all doing fine. And we still DO read your blogs. Mom is just very busy and she doesn't have time to comment and blog much. I'm having lost of fun and am a very happy teencat at the moment. I get to go out, but I have to wear a noose with Moms phone number on it. I don't know why, cause as soon as Mom calls I come chirping and running to her. Me and Bubbles go hunting every night. I've only caught one mouse (plenty of lizzies thought), but Bubbles catches a mouse or rat nearly every night. Me and Bubbles are buddies now.

OK, internets, I'm going to try to get Mom to let us blog a little bit more often. Love you all!