Friday, September 05, 2008

Gustav - Pictures

We have internet back! I cannot believe how quickly it happened. We are very lucky since most people still don't have electricity. Here are some pictures of the aftermath of Gustav.
Our courtyard.
My neighbor's roof.
My roof! Now you can see why my apartment is leaking. You can also see where I parked my car to try and protect it.
Here you can see the roof tiles/shingles (mostly from our roof) all over the road.
The 2Bs are not worried.
The courtyard (again).
Bubbles, inspecting the damage.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

We are OK

We just wanted to let everybody know that we are OK. Baton Rouge was severely affected by Gustav. Most of the city does not have power and might not have power for several more days, maybe weeks.
At my apartment we were extremely lucky to get power back within 24 hours. However we have no internet. At the moment I'm posting from my office on the LSU campus. Most of the campus also lost power, but some buildings got power back yesterday and we have intermittent internet on campus.
Thanks for all the good wishes. We were pretty lucky. We lost a lot of tiles from the roof and it is leaking in the bedroom and living room, but it is not too bad. At least we have power!
Once the internet is more reliable I will post some pictures. I'm not sure how much you see on the news, but Baton Rouge have a lot of damage. There are long lines for gas, ice, food and tarps. More than 90% of residents are still without power.
Well I will post more once we are "connected' again.

Monday, September 01, 2008


We are still here (and connected!). So far we have only had rain and some wind gusts, but nothing serious. They say that we will probably lose electricity soon, so I just wanted to post before that happens. Luckily it looks like the worst will miss Baton Rouge and pass to the south of us. We hope so.

UPDATE: We are still here and all is good. Bubbles wants to go outside!

UPDATE: The weather is getting much worse. It's a wonder we still have electricity. More than 30,000 homes have already lost power in Baton Rouge. It looks like the eye of Gustav is going to pass very close to BR. We are expecting to have very high winds and a lot of rain in the next few hours.