Friday, September 05, 2008

Gustav - Pictures

We have internet back! I cannot believe how quickly it happened. We are very lucky since most people still don't have electricity. Here are some pictures of the aftermath of Gustav.
Our courtyard.
My neighbor's roof.
My roof! Now you can see why my apartment is leaking. You can also see where I parked my car to try and protect it.
Here you can see the roof tiles/shingles (mostly from our roof) all over the road.
The 2Bs are not worried.
The courtyard (again).
Bubbles, inspecting the damage.



We are glad that this is the only damages you had.


As scary as it must have been, it's good to know you are all safe and that life is returning back to normal.

TS Hanna passes off our coastline this afternoon and then we have to worry about Hurricane Ike next week.



Robyn and The (Mostly) Badass Cat said...

Yay! We's glad yoo are ok! Yore roof looks messy tho, and yore courtyard. Bubbles is furry smart to do the inspekting. We hopes efurryfing gets bak to normal soon and yore roof don't leek no more.
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

Gemini and Ichiro said...

The roof does look messy. I am glad the two Bs and Bubbles are not affected though and hope things get fixed soon.

ZOOLATRY said...

You are most lucky... is there any irony here in "random drift" and a kitty named "bubbles"...

Fat Eric said...

I am glad you are all OK. Here in London it is raining for days and days but at least we don't have storms as big as yours!

Lux said...

Wow, just look at that damage. I sure am glad you're all okay!

Jans Funny Farm said...

We're glad you are safe and for the most part dry. And you have electricity and internet. That is a relief. We feel for those who are having to wait on both.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Oh no, your roof does look a mess, but at least you are all safe.

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Yay, we is glad yoo is all okay...we just got some rain from Gustav, it was light and lasted all day. Nothing like what yoo guys got!

Tiger Lily said...

Ditto! We got some rain from Gustav all the way over here in eastern New Mexico but it was nothing compared to what you got!! We hope repairs are made quickly for you.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Glad yur all safe! Looks like you needs a new roof... glad it weren't no worse. Bubbles, be redy to snoopervise all repairs!

The Cat Realm said...

We are glad that you are o.k.! There will be a lot of roofing being done.... but no one got hurt, hurray!!!

Karen Jo said...

I am so glad that your only damage was to the roof and you got your electricity and internet back so quickly. I hope you can get your roof fixed quickly.

Anonymous said...

We're so glad everything turned out okay, and we hope that roof gets fixed fast. If you've got water dripping on your floor, Grr and Rascal want to come play in it.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

We are so relieved that you all are okay. We're having rain from tropical storm Hanna right now, but we need the rain.


Bubbles, you are so brave to go out and inspect the situation. I know that the repairs will be made correctly if you are the supervisor.


Toffee K. Ripple Fuzzypants & Feline American Angels said...

Holy Moses! That's a whole lotta rain an' wind an' stuff that you guys got. We'd GLADLY take some of the rain offa your hands/paws, 'cuz we haven't had any substantial precipitation in San Diego in more than eighteen months. You can mail the rain to me at "DaisyMae Maus at the beach in San Diego" an' it should get to me.

I hope that you all are safely inside an' that the leaks get fixed.


The Lee County Clowder said...

Now that was a house trashing party!!

Glad to know you all survived with minimal damage.

Tommy and Teaghan said...

We am so happy yoo are ok. Come on over we gived yoo an award.

Anonymous said...

Your roof might need fixing yet at least your all safe...Hugs Ariel

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Came back to look at your photos, we've got Hurricane Ike getting ready to move in tomorrow night. I hope the storm noises don't upset the cats. Did it bother the 2B's and Madness. Well, you might not notice so much on Madness, but what about the 2B's?

Anonymous said...

We are so glad you are okay! Things definitely were blown around HARD down there!! We are hoping our friends along the TX coastline are going to be okay, too.

I am going to all the blogs on our list to let you know that we are deleting "Les Trois Chats." Momma is too busy to let us blog anymore - she has had a hard time blogging for herself even. We are actually now Les Quatre Chats anyway as we added LOLA in June, who is a POOP and has put me to shame as the alpha cat around here... even though, yes, she's a GIRL. (I know, SO emasculating! I need a treat or twenty to comfort me...)

We so enjoyed our time with all of you. Au revoir, mes amis,


Anonymous said...

we saw your question on the CB - go to for updates. Deb has been in touch with ML every day or two.

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Jake and Bathsheba said...

Have y'all moved to Georgia yet?