Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It runs in the family

Apparently love of condensation runs in the family. Those of you that have been around the cat blogosphere for some time will remember my brother Dobby aka LT. Well, he liked to lick cans and I like to lick bottles.

Mom thinks it's very cute. Well, she thinks pretty much everything we do is cute.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Gizzy Quilt

Madness here. My Gizzy Quilt arrived from our good friend Millie! Remember I kept stealing Bubbles' quilt? Well, it seems he is paying me back!

Bubbles: No Madness, I'm just testing it for you. You know, to make sure it is safe (snickers).

The Smell Test
The Stress Test
The Roll Test
The Wash Test
The Stretch Test
(notice Madness in the corner?)
The Nap Test
Jeez, is it safe now? Can I get on MY quilt now?

Oh, Millie smells so nice. And look at the pretty colors! And it is an African theme! Grrrrrr.

Oh, this feels so good on my tush.

Oh yea, this is so comfy. Don't I look pretty on my quilt?

Ahhhh, my very own Gizzy Quilt. Now all is right with the world.

Thanks a lot Millie. We LOVE the Quilt.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Help Internets!!

Madness: Help Internets, help! We are moving to Greece! It's across the water! I'm gonna drown.

Mom: No Madness, calm down. We are not moving to Greece.

Madness: But Mom, I heard you on the phone and you said Athens and I may be young but I know where Athens is. Greece!

Mom: No, we are moving to Athens, Georgia.

Madness: Georgia? ... Hmmm, where is Georgia again?

Mom: Well, see we are here in Louisiana, then it's Mississippi, then Alabama and then Georgia.

Madness: That looks far away.

Mom: No, it is not very far.

Madness: Is it as far as the vet?

Mom: Ahmm, it's a bit further than that.

Madness: I don't want to go!

Mom: Well, we have to.

Madness: Why?

Mom: Because here I get paid peanuts and there they pay heaps and heaps of temptations.

Madness: Really?

Mom: Ahhmm, yes really. And then we can stay in a house with our own yard.

Madness: Is Bubbles coming too? And Mrs. B?

Mom: Yes we are all going.

Madness: Bubbles doesn't look very happy about this.

Mom: Well, he just doesn't like to ride in the car.

Madness: Do I like to ride in the car?

Mom: Ahhhm, not really.

Madness: Can I bring my toys?

Mom: Yes.

Madness: What about my outside climbing tree?

Mom: Ahhhm, Madness the trees are stuck to the ground, they have to stay here.

Madness: But I like to climb! I wanna climb the tree!

Mom: Well, there are trees in Georgia.

Madness: Trees I can climb?

Mom: Yes.

Madness: OK then I'll come. Lets get my toys and go.

Mom: Well, we are not going right now. Only in October. It is still many thousands of cat naps away.

Madness: But I want to have heaps and heaps of temptations now!

Mom: *sigh* No Madness, we will have heaps and heaps of temptations later, in Georgia. Now just take a little nap.

Madness: I don't want to nap. I want to go to Georgia!

Mom: Ahhhmm, but the time will go faster if you start taking some of those naps now.

Madness: Really? OK. ZZZZzzzzzz.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Cold box meme

We were tagged by Missy and KC for a "what's on your cold box" meme.

Well, here is our coldbox (click to biggify).

- As you can see there are lots of catfeets! We thinks it might be Madness who is running on the coldbox at night.

- And Mom loves "Ode to Rascal".

- This is our Mom's moto: "Life is all about making cats happy". We like that.

- And a friend sent Mom the "Spoilt rotten cats live here".

- In the top right corner is a picture of Kalahari, the first stray Mom took in here in the US but she got hit by a car. That was a long time ago, even before Mrs. B came to live here.

We are tagging Rascal, Millie, Grr and Merlin & Dobbie.