Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Trapping Momcat

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy asked about trapping Momcat to make sure that there are no more unwanted kitties. That is indeed in the works. Last week I trapped Patches Man, the local feral tomcat. Here he is in the trap, very scared, poor guy.

He was neutered on Thursday and released again. I saw him last night and he looks fine. He just ran like crazy when he heard my voice, and who can blame him!

The lady I volunteer for runs a local trap-neuter-return program. She is kindly allowing me to sterilize the cats through her program, so I don't have to pay for everything myself. That is really great, b'cause, frankly I cannot afford it. However it does mean I can only trap certain days, especially when I trap a female, 'cause the vet needs to say it is OK for me to bring a female for spaying the next day. At the moment I'm waiting to hear when I can take Madness, but Momcat is next on the list. I saw her when I fed Monday night, so it should just be a matter of time before all the stars align (meaning the vet, Momcat and the weather) before she will be trapped and spayed.

I also need to appologize for not being able to get to everycat's blogs lately. Things have been a little busy, but I'll try to take a peek at all the blogs today, but might not have time to comment everywhere.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Midnight Madness Monday

Do you remember that LT (Dobby) had a little sibling, Little Blackie (LB)?

I've been putting out food at a new site for Momcat since December, but did not see LB. In the beginning of January, I noticed a little black cat of about the right age show up where I feed Momcat.

In any case it's been showing up regularly for about 4 weeks now. Since we all know The 2 Bs does not want a new "friend" I made up my mind that I'll just feed it, but nothing else. And so the weather got colder and wetter and the kitten became cuter and cuter. So Friday night I trapped her!

At the moment I'm calling her Midnight Madness. The madness part has nothing to do with her temperament. It is to remind me that I knew very well that I was crazy to take in another cat, knowing full well that the 2 Bs will not be happy. But what can I say? I'm a sucker! I just could not leave her out there.

So here she is (sorry about the flashed eyes). At the moment she is still confined to a large wire cage (with her litterbox, food and bed). She allows me to scratch her and is pretty friendly. I've let her out a little Sunday evening to explore the bedroom, but she spent most of it hiding under the bed. She is missing about a third of her tail. It's not very clear on this picture.

Of course I cannot be 100% sure that she is Dobby's sibling, but she is the right age and just look at the little white spot on her chest. I've looked at some of the pictures I took of the kittens before the den was distroyed and I'm pretty sure it's her. In any case it does not really matter now.

So it is offical now. I'm a Crazy Cat Lady.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Teeth Cleaning

Mrs. B went to the vet yesterday to have her teeth cleaned. Since she had trouble waking up from anesthesia before, I was a little more nervous than usual. I really have a great vet and he assured me they would give her the safest possible anesthesia. They did a chem panel before they administered the anesthesia and apparently she is the picture of health. A good thing considering her FIV status. Well, she came through it fine and was totally alert when I picked her up around 4 pm.

Mrs. B is not overly attached to me, but she was sooooo glad to see me. Poor girl. She was ravenous when she came home. She had a whole can of stinky goodness (not all at once) as a special post-vet treat. Here she is showing off her shaved forearm.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Musical catbed

I have several times before talked about Mrs. B's catbed. Here is a re-cap. She had this very pretty bed that matched her eyes.

She really loved this bed. But naturally when Dobby (LT) came to live here, he decided that he also loved the bed.

So I bought another bed for Mrs. B. Dobby of couse also loved the new bed. But eventually it was settled that Dobby will take the green bed with him and Mrs. B will keep the new bed.

Mrs. B seems to be pretty happy with the new bed.

But the story is not over yet. Check out Merlin and Dobby's blog for the further adventures of the green cat bed.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Snuggly Mrs. B

Mrs. B is not usually a lapcat. Even when it is cold she prefers her pillow next to the heater rather than my lap. She will jump on the couch for some scritches, but then leave once she has had enough. But here she is on the couch with me (yes, that big lump in front of her is my legs). She is watching TV and maybe that is why she is on the couch. She has a better view of the TV from the couch than from her pillow.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

We were challenged!

Bonnie Underfoot challenged us to post a picture of Bubbles's face for comparison with Speedy. Remember we previousely wondered whether Speedy was Bubbles's long lost little brother since they look so much alike?

OK, Bubbles is having his Sunday afternoon nap on his favorite chair outside. Let's see whether we can get a nice picture of that cute little face.
Mom: Bubble-meister?
Bubbles: *yawn* Yes?
M: Bonnie challenged us and I need to take a picture of your face.
B: *yawn* OK.
M: Can you try to open your eyes?
B: OK. *yawn*
M: A little wider. This is for a good cause. Bonnie will make her woman send $10 each to Brandi's mom and Oreo's mom.
B: For Oreo? OK, how's this?
M: Very nice! Good job. But since you are up now, let's just try a few more.
B: I don't think I can. *yawn*
M: Come on just a few more. Try to open your eyes.
B: My eyes are open!
M: A little wider. Come on, just one more.
B: Sorry, I..... just ........ can't. *yawn*.
OK, well, I guess that will have to do. I hope this is enough for the challenge.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mrs. B's Secret Paws

At last Mom let me open my Secret Paws from Edsel/The Pooch. It's about time! Oh goodie, just look at that big box!

Oh, I think I can smell Edsel. Sniff, sniff.....

Mom, look at all this stuff! I just know there is something tasty in there.

Grffff. There is even something for Mom. I'm sure if she knew that, she would not have made me wait so long to open it!

OK, Mom are you finished taking pictures? Can I jump in now? Can I? Can I?

Just look at all this great stuff! Kitty grass and jingle balls. Fur mousies and mousies bathed in catnip! Even a beautiful card! A catnip bag and Oh, oh, TEMPTATIONS! TWO WHOLE BAGS of TEMPTATIONS! Oh Edsel, you know me so well!

Oh yes, Mom got a beautiful kitty shaped picture frame. I think a picture of me would look gorgeous in it. But Mom will probably put a picture of that little Dobby (LT) in it! Grrrffff!

Mom: OK Mrs. B choose something to play with now, and the rest we will keep for later.

I choose THIS! Temptations!

Mom: Are you sure? Don't you rather want one of the mousies?

Are you blind woman! I said I want my T'tations!

Hmmm. Yum, yum. That's what I'm talking about.

Thanks a lot for my fantastic Secret Paws Edsel. I love it.

Crunch, crunch, crunch ........

What? Oh yes, Moms says thank you for her gift also.

Crunch, crunch, crunch ........

Friday, January 12, 2007

Formerly Feral Friday - Last of Dobby (LT)

As you all know Dobby (formerly known as LT) is now living happily with Merlin. This is the last picture I took of him in my apartment last Friday (a week ago). I just came into the apartment and saw him and Bubbles on the couch. I think they were actually sleeping together. Or I interrupted Dobby pouncing the sleeping Bubbles!

And here is a picture of Mrs. B and Dobby after they settled on which cat-cup Dobby will take with him and which one will stay.

Although it was very sad for me to say goodbye to Dobby, I am so grateful that he found such a great forever home. And I think the 2 Bs are also grateful!

Mrs. B is complaining that Dobby is still hogging the blog even though he's not even living with us anymore! So, I'll try my best not to post many more pictures of him (but he is just so cute)!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

R.I.P Bontie

A couple of days ago (Tuesday) I mentioned my parents oldest cat, Bontie. Yesterday (Wednesday) I talked to my sister and she told me Bontie passed away Tuesday night. The same day I started a Catster page for her! Isn't it weird how things sometimes happen?

Our closest approximation is that she was at least 22 years old. She was my father's cat and a bit of a loner. She loved him and would cuddle with him, but did not care much for the rest of us, or the other cats. So here are some pictures of her. Just look at her fluffy tail. I posted one picture of Bontie on this blog before and you can see it here.

Some of you asked me about her diet when you heard about her age. All the cats on the farm get catfood (wet and dry) and people food, including vegetables! Remember that yellow stuff in Crinkle's plate? It was corn! But of course all the cats are indoor and outdoor cats, so mice, birds and other critters are also part of their diet. Once Bontie got too old to hunt herself, she ate the mice the other cats (particularly Babatjie) brought into the house.

Our household has had 7 cats (excluding Babatjie and Crinkle) that I personally knew. Only one died younger than 10 years, and that was from complications after his neutering. One, Tarzan was 18 years when he died. So life on the farm is pretty good for cats. One reason is probably because there is no traffic to speak of.

UPDATE: Mattingly's Mom asked where in Africa Bontie lived. Here is a map (click to biggify). I grew up there and came to the USA in 2001 to do my pHd (which I finished in 2006, YAY!). My family (and Crinkle and Babatjie) still live there. You can see some pictures of the farm here and here.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tabby Tuesday - Crinkle

Seriously Mom - That food is not fit for a cat to eat!

Come on open the refrigirator already. We both know that's where all the good stuff is.

My sister sent me some pictures of Crinkle (above) , Babatjie and Bontie from back home in Africa, so from time-to-time I'll post some of them. That is my Mom's leg you can see in the picture above. Crinkle has enough catatude for about 10 cats and the pictures of him are priceless. Babatjie is a great hunter, while Bontie is a beautiful calico that is more than 20 years old! I hope you will enjoy these pictures of the 2 Bs extended family.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Bubbles's Secret Paws

I (Bubbles) received my Secret Paws from Oreo weeks and weeks ago. But Mom only now allowed me to open it!

Hmm, this is very exciting. Look, it has my name on it and it says "Secret Paws".
Wow it is a whole Christmas stocking full of gifts. And extra toys!
Oh this Cosmic Katnip looks interesting.
Oh yes. It smells heavenly. Purrrrrrrr.
So many toys. Which one should I playwith first?
I think I like this green mousie.
I knew this green mousie was special. Look it is flying!
Mrs. B: Maybe I can steal some toys or Cosmic Treats while Bubbles is playing with his mousie.
Thanks a lot Oreo. Bubbles loves his gifts. He is tossing that green mousie all over the living room. And Mrs. B had some Turkey Flavor treats. Yum.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Formerly Feral Friday - Saying Goodbye to LT.

Today (Friday) is my last day with LT. As most of you know he is going to his forever home with Merlin on Saturday. I'll miss the little guy.

We will leave here Saturday morning and he should be with Merlin sometime in the afternoon. I will take some pictures of the trip, but am not sure when I'll get time to post. So check Merlin's blog for the future adventures of LT!