Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I "fenced-in" the deck at the back of the house so the cats can get some fresh air. Here are all three of them enjoying the great outdoors. Don't worry, they are strictly supervised.

Bubbles: I think Louisiana is that-a-way...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Settling in

The cats are exploring the new house and finding all kinds of interesting places. Madness have to be wherever Bubbles is. He doesn't seem to mind.

Bubbles is seeking out all the sunny spots. He doesn't like cold weather at all. And off course Madness is close by. On her Gizzy quilt!

Later this week I will post some pictures of their outdoor adventure...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

We moved!

Hello internets. We have not posted for a while because we were busy organizing our move. Last Saturday we moved from Louisiana to Georgia. All three cats were stuffed in their pet carriers. Mrs. B was not worried at all and did not even give one meow. Madness cried for about 1 hour and then settled down. However Bubbles went a little crazy and for the first couple of hours tried to claw his way out of the carrier and for the other 8 hours he meowed pitifully. He was not a happy guy.

Once we arrived I settled them into the main bedroom and Bubbles and Madness spent the first couple of days hiding/sleeping under the sleeping bag. Can you see the 2 lumps in the picture? That's them.

We've now been here 5 days and all our furniture and stuff finally arrived. Madness settled in fine and is now running around like the crazy little girl she is. Doesn't she look very happy with her new bigger home.

Bubbles is still not happy. Although he is walking around, exploring the house he is still very nervous.

Mrs. B was not disturbed in any way. She just carried on as if nothing untoward happened at all. Here she is just wondering why she is not getting more food. The vet gave me a stern talking to about her weight when I took them to get their check-ups and shots before the move. I'm trying!

Today I took Bubbles outside on his harness. He was not afraid at all and made a beeline for the woods behind the house! We live in a suburb and there is a small wooded area behind the house. We even saw deer in the back yard a couple nights ago.

He hates the harness, but for now that is the only way he will get to go outside. And here is where I need you advice. How long do I need to keep them inside/restrained before it is safe to let them go outside? I am afraid they will try to go back to Louisiana. Any advise from beans that have moved long distance with outdoor/semi-outdoor cats will be much appreciated.