Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bubbles, with head

Here is Bubbles with his head attached. You can see that he is wearing his collar to keep it from falling off again. Or maybe he is just hiding a scar. At least the scar can not possibly be as scary as the one Bugby has. Get well soon Bugby!

If you biggify the top picture, you can see that it is today's paper, so these are not old pictures. His head has really been re-attached and he is doing fine. Just call me Dr. Frankenstein!
It is actually sad how long it took me to get these pictures with the paper. I'm just such a geek.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mrs. B Cartoon

Here is a very, very short cartoon I made when I was trying to learn how to use Flash. This is just to distract everybody while I try to re-attach Bubbles's head to his body.

Friday, September 22, 2006

For KC

Yesterday our friend KC commented:
o, bubbles, i's so con-fuzed. i's wents to Crew's Views 'n theys git a bubbles ma-sheen. kin u do that? i thoghted u cames frum momcat, not ma-sheen. if'n i gits a bubbles ma-sheen, kin i haf my own bubbles cat? i'd like that jus fine. 'splain it to me, 'k...KC

Cocoa then caused more confusion by telling little KC:
here's the deal wif the Bubbles ma-sheen. the ma-sheen ya seen on Crew's Views makes Bubbles, an yes, that's how Bubbles wuz made. he's in cat form cuz of a furry smart kun-strushun tek-neek, but is still made of bubbles. didn't ya read 'bout how his paw swelled up an looked like a golf ball? well, that was summa the bubbles gettin outta control. we're cats though. unnerstand now little cutie?

KC, don't believe what Cocoa said. I came from a Momcat and not from a Bubble-machine. My real name is Cid, but my Meowmie calls me Bubbles. I don't really know why. I don't look like a bubble or blow bubbles or anything! My Meowmie is just a little crazy that way. Or maybe she has bubbles on the brain. That would not surprise me 'cause she likes to talk to us in a weird language! I think Cid is a much better name since I'm such a fierce fighting cat. But Meowmie loves me and gives me good crunchies and nose rubs so I indulge her. She is only a bean after all, and we cannot expect them to be perfect like us cats. I hope that clears up the confusion KC. - Your friend Bubbles

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bubbles to the vet ... Again!

I think Bubbles is sending my Vet's kids to college. He came in this morning at about 5 am with a bleeding foot. When I went to work at 7:30 his little white paw had an uncanny resemblance to a golf ball. Luckily I have flexible work hours and I could take him to the vet around noon. It seems he was bitten on the foot, probably by another cat. He loves to fight with other cats even though he is a pretty small kitty and should really know better. He still has some of the gladiator cat left in him. The vet gave antibiotics that I have to give for 10 days. Bubbles is now fast asleep and hopefully his foot will feel better soon.

UPDATE: Bubbles is doing fine. All day he was a poor little baby with his foot in the air, looking pitifull. However as soon as the sun went down, suddenly his foot was fine and he wanted to go mouse hunting!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mouse Hunt

Behind our apartment there is this open field. Everything else is build and I'm sure soon this patch of grass will also be overtaken by progress. However in the meantime it is a paradise for the four-legged friends of the tenants around here.

Last week they cut down the grass and I guess it flushed out some rats and mice. Now as soon as the sun sets, Bubbles heads out for a mouse hunt.

They also put up some signs about Trespassing. Bubbles gives one a quick look, but decides that it does not apply to him.

When he catches something, he runs into the house and promptly deposits his catch into the cube where his toys are. He has actually grown quite fond of the cube and plays in it often. Maybe just to stop me from wearing it? Yes, those are my weird toes at the bottom.

I then have to save the poor little fellow. I have to wear gloves because apparently the fact that I'm trying to save them, does not stop the fuzzies from biting me. Bubbles tries to take it back from me. Don't worry, this little one survived and I let him go just after this picture was taken.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Skeezix's Birthday Party

Saturday was our friend Skeezix's Birthday party. And at last Meowmie let us open our Party Pack. And there was so much fun stuff in there! Toys, and Nip and Treats.

And stinky goodness! Filet Mignon in Meaty Juices and Alaskan King Crab Flavor in Sauce! How did Skeezix know that we watch Deadliest Catch?

And a pin and magnet! Oh, so many gifts.
Meomie I do love Skeezix, but is it really necessary to put stuff on me?
Why don't you put some stuff on Bubbles?

Bubbles was still passed out from Friday night's mouse-hunt. He did wake up later to play the trivia game.

Ok then, put it on me. But only 'cause I like Skeezix so much.

The magnet found a permanent place on the fridge.

Thanks Skeezix. We had a great time at your party and thanks for all the goodies.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I woke up this morning to the sound of a herd of migrating wildebeest.

No, it was just the sound of two frisky kitties. Well, one frisky cat (Bubbles) and one very irritated cat (Mrs. B).

Where is she? I know she is here somewhere.

Ah, there she is. And she has no idea I'm right behind her.

Here I come!


"Bubbles! Stop it. She does not want to play, You are being too rough."

Who me? Never. Look, you can practically see the halo around my head.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Party Pack arrived

Our Party Pack for Skeezix's Birthday Party arrived today. We are very excited, but Meowmie said we have to wait until Saturday to open it.

We also made a card for Skeezix. We hope he will like our card. Meowmie said many bad words when she tried to print it!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

It's Fev-ver Time!

Look, we got mail. All the way from Hawaii! Who could it be from? Oh Meowmie it's from Pumpkin and Quincy. I wonder what is in there?

It's fev-vers! Lovely fev-vers. They are mine, all mine. Especially this one.

Oh, I think I'm on a fev-ver high. Help me Meowmie.

Meowmie, don't laugh at me. I think this color goes well with my eyes.

Oh, this is tasty. It must be the green color that makes it taste so good.

The fev-vers were for us! But Meowmie stole some 'cause she said they were too pretty for us to destroy. Now they are on display. Maybe we can eat those later.

Thanks a lot Pumpkin, Pumpkin's Mom and especially Quincy.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

We Love Wisconsin

This is for Victor Tabbycat, Bonnie Underfoot and all our other friends in Wisconsin.

I don't know why his ear is sticking out like that! I must have bought the wrong size hat. ;-)

UPDATE: This picture is courtesy of Photoshop. Bubbles would never let me put a hat on him and then sit still for a picture.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Is this Bubbles's long lost Brother?

I always thought Bubbles had very unique markings. And then I saw Speedy. Doesn't his markings look a lot like Bubbles's? Even the grey goatee!

Bubbles has made up his mind that Speedy is his long lost little brother. He is very happy that he found a good forever home, even if it is in Wisconsin. Bubbles does not like the cold.

Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm purrty, oh so purrty...

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Lazy Saturday

We are just having a lazy Saturday morning here. This evening there is a football game in DeathValley, so it will get rowdy soon. I read somewhere that 'a house is not a home without cats'. We'll here is my home this moring. Mrs. B is getting comfy on her pillow for a nap after breakfast. Bubbles was giving rabbit-kicks to his pillow, but seems to also be ready for a nap.

Remember the grass I planted for Mrs. B? Well, it grew very well and here Bubbles is sniffing it. I put it outside a little, to catch some sun.