Thursday, February 03, 2011

Bubbles - The conclusion

The histopathology confirmed that Bubbles has lymphoma. There are not many treatment options. Chemo can be done but I've decided against it. There is no cure and I have decided to concentrate on making whatever time he has left as pleasant as possible. Towards that end we will try some medication to make his breathing easier and alleviate his symptoms. At best it will give him a few additional weeks/months of quality time.

He is still eating very well, and enjoys getting as many Temptations as he wants. And he wants a lot!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bubbles - Ultrasound

Bubbles had a good weekend. It was warm and sunny and he spent most of the time in his favorite sunny spots (supervised of course!)

He went for his ultrasound today. He has a large mass, that the vet thinks is lymphoma and she agrees with my own vet that it probably spread to his lungs. She also did a needle aspiration biopsy and we should get the results some time tomorrow. So far it pretty much confirms what we already suspected.

Bubbles got a sedative for the biopsy and is a little high right now, so all is right in his world. Generally he is doing pretty well all things considered. He is eating well, and still following his usual routine (except for the narcotics today).