Saturday, August 09, 2008

It's 8 pm. Do you know where your kitty is?

Years ago there was a National Geographic special about cats, called "The Secret Life of Cats". During the intro to the program this is the question they asked: "It's 8 pm. Do you know where your kitty is?"

About a week ago I woke up to Madness and Bubbles growling. They were looking through my window, so I got up to see what it was. Outside I saw a ginger cat sitting and looking at them. I've never seen this cat around here before and it just hung out in front of my apartment for quite some time.

Eventually I got up and took some food outside. It ran down the stairs, but returned to eat the food once I went back inside. So a few days later, I saw a sign close to my apartment about a missing orange cat. I called the number and the people said they moved away, but I should send them a picture and if it is their cat they will arrange to get it to them. Unfortunately the cat only comes by at night and runs away when I go outside, so I had a lot of trouble getting a picture.

So naturally, the geek in me decided: Motion detection camera!

So I set up a cheapo wildlife camera and here is what I got.

Unfortunately it turns out that this was not the missing orange cat that the owners were looking for. In any case I set up the camera again last night in the hope to get a better picture and I got: Another cat!

And a little later this cat. Remember him?

And eventually the ginger showed up also.

It's amazing how the other two found out so quickly that I put out out some food! I don't usually put out food right at my apartment (the landlord and some tenants complain about it), but I guess I'll continue to feed them until I move away at the end of September. Anybody want a stray kitty? Or three?


Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

It's nice to see the guy you had fixed up back! He looks purrty good too.

Lux said...

Wow, busy place outside your home! :)

Joey said...

Wow, that's weird that you have so many neighbor cats coming by for a munch. maybe you can make friends with them.

I just nominated Madness for a COOL CAT award. You can come to my blog to see!

Anonymous said...

Sadly I know exactly where Sophia is every night at 8pm. Begging for more stinky goodness.

Nomi said...

If my miewmie left food out, a foxie would eat it all up ! You are doing a good job feeding all those visitors !

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Wow! Look he really likes that food doesn't he?

Boy said...

Wow! It's gweat you gets to feed them!

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

It's like a buffet line at your apartment.
Neat idea, a night cat cam.

The Cat Realm said...

I Dare You!
Yes, it is time again for another challenge from The Cat Realm! Come and check out the details on our blog.
I hope you will accept the challenge and will eagerly await your entry!