Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Manx Rescue

About a week ago a little Manx cat showed up in our neighborhood. I think it's a Manx, I'm not an expert, but it has that "bunny look". It's not feral, but skittish. The neighborhood kids have been chasing it. They don't mean to harm it, but want to touch, but it's too afraid. For some reason it likes to follow Bubbles around. Bubbles seems bewildered by this strange bunny-cat. Madness hisses. Today it came into my house, but ran away when I approached. However, I put some food just outside my door, and it let me touch it a little bit while it was eating.

In any case, I don't really want to take it to the local shelter. I'm afraid it will just be put down, because it's so skittish. I contacted our local no-kill shelter, but they are apparently full. So I thought I would try a specialized rescue group. I checked the internet, but the addresses, etc for Manx Rescue groups seem very outdated and my e-mails returned, "undelivered".

So I was hoping that somebody from the Catblogosphere community might now about a Manx rescue group that might be able to help. I'm in Georgia, so it would be good if it is a rescue group in the South, or relatively close by.

I will try to get a picture of the tiny little thing.


Millie said...

Good luck & Merry Christmas!

Brian said...

I don't know specifically about a Manx Rescue group, but you can check out my other blog at:


There are bunches of rescue links in the right hand column. I will ask on Twitter, got lots of friends there.

Hope y'all have a Merry Christmas!!!


manxcuties@yahoogroups.com is a group I subscribe to. They used to have manx rescue, but as with so many other rescue groups had to give it up, now it is a manx user group.
henryrockwoodATmindspringDOTcom is one of the members and he is in GA and I know he works with cat rescue, he may be able to help you. manxcuties is all manx lovers. I hope this helps.
~merry purrs
Abby the manx
(whose Momma wishes we had room to take this manx in)

Harry Spotter said...

Good thing you rescued the poor thing. I hope he is able to find a furever home.

momsbusy said...

we are so glad you are helping the little one. it is too cold for a little kitty to be lost and alone.

Brian said...

Hey, one of my Twitter friends suggested one in NC:


Rascal said...

Aw, maybe he's your Purry Christmas present from the from Santy Paws.

Merry Christmas!