Wednesday, June 21, 2006

African cat-heaven

Babatjie and Crinkle asking for food. When they were living with me, they were given dry catfood only. However, my parents tell me that they are so spoiled now, that they want only human food, or wet catfood. They are really living in cat heaven in Africa. They can go outside to play if they want, and it is save for them since the house is far from any traffic. And there are no wild animals that would pose a real threat to them. There are plenty of mice, birds and "jungle" to play in. Crinkle is very afraid of his nemesis, our dog Nero, but the dog is confined to certain areas, so plenty of space for cats to play outside. If they don't want to go outside they have a big house with plenty of soft couches and sunny spots for comfortable napping. And naturally, humans that love them and are there to take care of their every whim. Surely this must be heaven.

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Anonymous said...

These guys are so cute!!!!! They sure are lucky to have all that room to roam. I am envious. Yes of a cat.