Sunday, June 11, 2006

Toys for my cats

I love buying toys for my cats. However, the cats are not very interested in the toys I buy. The only thing they like is the teaser and that realy means that they are playing with me. I'm trying to get them toys they can play with when I'm not here. So yesterday I bought them a turbo-scratcher, since several people told me their cats love it. They showed no interest in it what-so-ever!. Today, Farley, my neighbors cat came over and had a great time with it. Just look at the expression from Bubbles and Mrs. B. And look at all the other toys lying around (that they also have no interest in).


Anonymous said...

Lol! Is the turbo-scratcher the cardboard rectangle thingy? Great description, huh? If it is we have a couple different ones. We have one of the rectangle flat ones, a ramp-like one w/a hole and a little crinckle ball in it for playing and a ball track toy w/the cardboard in the middle. It took my 7 yr. old Marley a couple months before he started using it, but one day he just did and now he uses it everyday. My Emma didn't use it right away either. I had to keep periodically putting catnip on it. BTW, Cecelia, I just love your kitty family! What part of Africa is your sister and the farm in? My neighbors are from Africa. Theo is from Morroco and Natalie from South Africa. He's been here in the states for over 10 yrs., but Natalie's just been here maybe 4 years. He tells us how beautiful it is in Morroco.

Madness, Trouble, Squish and Milkbone said...

The turbo-scratcher is round, with a ball that runs around it. I hope my cats will eventually take to it. The problem is that neither of my cats go really crazy for catnip. They might smell it a little and role around on it a bit, but they don't go as crazy for it as Farley does.

The farm is in the south-western part of South Africa. I've been in the US for 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Manny loves, LOVES, LOVES his fake toy mice. He loves stalking it, hunting it down and pouncing on it! He plays with it all over the house. I usually try to leave them around when I'm not home. You could always get a fish tank with live fishies. Manny loves watching them go about their day lol.